Welcome, i'm Alessandro Cavaterra, developer and designer making stuff since 2001.


Programming: i'm a 10+ years WordPress developer with a variety of different use cases spanning from simple blogs to complex MU data-structures serving third parties via REST (csshero.org, gopadel.it).

I have a 10+ years experience with JS and jQuery (CSS Hero demo) with a focus on building intuitive and smooth user experiences keeping payloads down.

I speak fluently CSS / LESS / SCSS / POSTCSS.

I'm familiar with Node.js, NPM and getting familiar with React and React-Native.

Design: before being a developer i've always been very passionate about design, both UI\UX and brands.

Brand Design: when it comes to brands I love clear, solid and sharp shapes. A logo should be as simple as it could be while keeping its strength (check my brands).

UI / UX: each pixel should be in the right spot, no way out. I believe in functional design and strongly rely on making my interfaces clear and usable by anyone.